My Week Rocked.


This work week has been one of the best yet in 2013.  I was in a 3-day long offsite training course Monday-Wednesday from 9-5 every day with about 2 hours worth of breaks throughout the day.  Oh and it was casual dress code.  It was amazing.  And the best part is that it was held literally right next to my office so I took advantage of the late start to run to daycare/work each morning, popped into the office to shower and change, then headed across the street for training.  And did the reverse on the way home.  So I was able to sneak in a nice 5 miles each day!  If A & I could run to/from school and work every day it would be awesome.  She loves the jogger and it chopped our commute time in half.  I’ll have to figure out a way to make that happen…

And with all that break time I naturally stuck around the training center to study up on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.  Not.  I took full advantage of our breaks to get things done that needed serious doing.  Like returning Christmas gifts and getting a real manicure (you know, not the crappy fake ones I do at home on Saturday nights to make myself feel less dirty drab mom-ish and more cool urban mama-ish).

One of my to-return items was at the Athleta store, which is a new(ish) addition to the Philadelphia shopping scene.  We just got a store on Walnut street last year but I have had yet to pop in.  To say I was pleasantly surprised by both the merchandise and the physical store would be an understatement.  I liked way more things than I thought I would (or should be liking, for that matter – the last thing I need is more workout wear!), and I LOVED the way they organized the store.  I took the pics posted above to give you an idea, but we’ll get back to that in a minute.  For those who haven’t shopped or seen Athleta stuff yet, it’s kind of a Lululemon-meets-EMS/REI-theme-with-a-slightly-Hawaiian-feel.  That’s literally the best way I can describe it.  Price point is still pretty high, but a little better than Lulu.  And since it’s part of the Gap family of brands, you can use coupons/rewards points there which rocks.

But the best part was the ingenious way they organized the store – the four areas are: Run/Gym (cardio and swim wear), Yoga (’nuff said), Hike/Explore (think breathable layers, cargos, packs, lightweight wool), and To/Fro (casual attire that could be worn…you guessed it…to/from the gym or yoga or whatever).  The reclaimed wood and oil rubbed bronze lettering and light fixtures added to the neatness too.  I’ve seen some other stores try to organize the store this way too, but this was the simplest and most “real life” version I’ve ever seen.  Loved it.

So I told the girls behind the counter that I was a professional blogger and wanted to snap a few pics of the store for my site.  They were super flattered and excited about that little white lie.  If only they knew my readership consisted of my friends, my family, a few of my family’s friends, and a few of B’s AWESOME lady friend co-workers.  🙂  But they don’t have to know that.  Let them dream.

And speaking of dreaming, today I was back in the office dreaming of Reporting Services training.  Seriously, other than the fact that I was learning how to write database reports and the code to delpoy them for 3 straight days (which, since I’m the coolest nerd you know, I actually enjoyed), this week rocked.  Best part is that tomorrow is Friday – SAHM day!

Have a great weekend, and check out Athleta if you’re near 18th & Walnut – tell them you saw them featured on this really cool blog you read…