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We are dedicated to helping our readers stay neat and organized in all aspects of their lives.  So don’t be shy; if you have a question, or are seeking an organizational solution, just ask!

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13 thoughts on “Ask Keep It Neat

  1. Hi Keep It Neat-
    I’d love to be able to buy everything that exists at the container store but that’s just not realistic. I have work papers and items that tend to messy up my work space at home. what is a good DIY Keep It Neat solution?

    • Hi Kerri! What a great question. I have some initial ideas for you, and have been coming up with some great additional ones as I brainstorm about this. I’d like to test out my ideas this weekend and take some pics for you.

      I think this is a common dilemma for folks – who has the time and $$$ to wade through the Container Store every time you need to straighten up? Don’t get me wrong, its one of my absolute favorite stores, but I find that it’s better for larger scaled (and budgeted!) projects. I’d like to share your question and my suggestions with the rest of the keep it neat community, so please stay tuned for an upcoming post!

  2. Hi Keep It Neat!

    Confession. I have an addiction to shopping, but I also have an addiction to holding on to clothes too long. I admit, I have jeans with tags on them from 3 years ago and clothes I haven’t worn in years. I keep thinking that “one day I’ll wear these” or “one day I’ll have a need for neon leggings”. What’s your advice to clean up your closet? How long do you hold on to your clothes?

    By the way. Love the blog!!!


  3. Hi KIN-

    I live in NY and get my laundry sent out and often find myself left with lone socks. I end up keeping them, but then after a few months I have a pile of single socks. Do you have a rule on how long you keep them? or any other uses for socks?

  4. Hi KIN-

    I’ve come to accept that my days of checking bags is over. Whether I’m going away for a week or a weekend, I do my best to cram everything in a carry on. Wanted to see if you had any tips for consolidating your packing so it all fits into a carry on? Have a long weekend coming up so would love some guidance.


  5. Your recent posts have inspired my 80 year old mother, an avid follower of KIN, to start cleaning her closets! I’ve been urging this for many (many) years but you made it happen. Nice work!

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