Hungry Hungry Hippo.

No, this post is not about the awesome board game of the same name, where the entire game consisted of slamming on a lever on the back of your neon-colored hippo trying to get him to “eat” more white marbles than the other ones.  It’s about a different kind of hungry hungry hippo – a large canvas one that is hungry to store things for you in your child’s room or family room.  We were given one of these for A’s room for Christmas and I love it.  It’s so cute and it really does hold a lot of stuff.  Right now hers is storing all the extra diapers we just had to buy on in order to score the free shipping on the Snotsucker we needed during A’s first cold last month.  Side note – the Snotsucker totally looks grosser than it actually is, and it works like a charm on a stuffy nose.

The bins are made by 3 Sprouts, and they come in a few different color/animal combinations.  They also have some other options like boxes, caddies, and organizers.  They’re all fun and whimsical and a great way to keep a room clutter free.  Anyone who knows me knows I firmly believe there is no easier way to make your house seem cleaner than it is than by tossing things into cute baskets or bins.  I highly recommend any of these as a gift, or for your own child’s room.  And if anyone out there is wondering, I really like the green alligator wall organizer; it would compliment the hippo perfectly in A’s lavender and green-themed room.