Christmas Clean Up.


Sadly, we de-Christmased our house this past weekend.  I always feel like we are putting our decorations back like a week after we’ve put them up.  The time just flies.  The good news is I have a nice organized system (duh) for storing everything so I never feel like it’s going back to some big black abyss for the next 11 months.  Last year I wrote about a few things I use to keep holiday decor at bay, so I won’t go into those details again, but here is a quick picture round up of our Great Christmas Clean Up.

Clockwise from top: ornaments are wrapped in old tissue paper and placed in red ornament box on the left, while all other Christmas decor is stacked in tupperware bin on the right; one layer of ornaments nice and snug in their little square cube homes; all done – ornaments tucked away, mantel/table/window decor cozied up for the year, and lights off the tree and neatly strung for next year; B bringing A over to the naked tree to say “bah bah” – she insisted on wearing her hat and mittens.  Look at that droopy PJ butt.  So cute.

So with that, “bah bah” Holidays!  See you again next year when you sneak up on us, add ten pounds to our JUST “lost the last five from last year” frame, and then leave us with no days off until Memorial day.  Welcome Winter Blahs.


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