I’ll Drink To That.


This post is dedicated to one of my favorite Christmas presents from 2 weeks ago.  Side note, I cannot believe I just said that – Christmas has come and gone?  Whaaa?  When did that happen?!

Santa was very generous this year and brought our family many gifts, including a big priceless one – getting to spend a week up in Waterbury Center, Vermont with my family!  It’s our family tradition since my Grandma, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins all live up there, and it rocks.  Seriously there’s nowhere else I’d rather be come then end of December.  So that was really my most cherished gift this holiday season.  Next up though?  A pair of super cute Tory Burch flats that B surprised me with (seriously – complete surprise), a super new dust buster that really sucks (ha!), a winter coat from J.Crew that I’ve been coveting for years, and these really cool water bottles from my younger bro, aka “Uncle C”.

The best part of the gift was that they came in a bag with one for me, one for B, and a baby version for A!  It was so cute – she knew it was for her right away and tried to drink from it, only to get a mouthful of air.  So cute though.

So on to why I’m really digging my Klean Kanteen.  Not only is it really sleek looking, a good size and weight, made of eco-friendly materials, but it is an awesome drink container!  It keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 6 hours, and that is no lie.  Seriously, it really works!  And the outside of the bottle always stays room temperature, unlike some other stainless bottles I’ve had that get scalding hot when you use them for warmer liquids.  I love it.  Ours came with two tops, the one you see int he picture above (twist off) and a coffee cup top.  I believe you can also get a drink spout to make it more of a sports bottle.  It’s seriously an awesome water bottle!

And if you don’t believe me, check out the pic below that I took after putting ice and water in my Klean Kanteen THREE hours earlier.  No joke!

I did some googling and looks like they are available on Amazon and at REI, but they do not seem to be cheap.  Hey there big spenda Uncle C!  But if you’re in the market for an awesome new water bottle for work, working out, or just around the house (I actually do that – haven’t used a cup in about a year), I am totally digging this guy.



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