Yep – finally jumping on the bandwagon.  Keep It Neat is keeping it cool: B and I got each other iPhone5’s this week as early Christmas presents to one another.  Unfortunately for me, he already has his to hold and to love, but mine is sitting on a UPS truck somewhere.  But fortunately for me, that’s because I ordered mine through my ever-generous employer who was running a promo – upgrade your Verizon Wireless phone through them and get a $100 prepaid Visa card in the mail.  So I’m waiting on that goodie to come too.

But on to why this is relevant to you.  Upgrading to this new life-changing device required me to do some serious research on the type of case that will be protecting my new purchase.  I was looking for functional and/or fun and came across some good ones worth sharing.

Functional Cases:

These cases all have functionality built in for storing an ID or credit card or two, and some could probably even stow some cash too.  Although I usually carry a big bag, sometimes on weekends I just want to through a few things in my sweatshirt pocket and be on my way.  Same with a quick lunch trip or errand during the week.  These cases would be great for that.  I’m planning to get one to store in my big bag for just those occasions.  Just not sure which one.

The ‘Crossover’ case looks really neat – it has bands that criss-cross the phone and you can slide your stuff underneath them in the back.  I’m not sure it would be the best one to protect the phone since it only covers the corners, but it looks the coolest.

Oh, and FYI you can click on any of these pics to see where I found the item and buy one for yourself.


This next one by Griffin is a similar concept, except a little less design-y and it seems to protect the phone more, and possibly store your things a little better.
Moving away from cool-looking-but-maybe-not-the-most-practical and onto kinda-cute-but-more-useful, here are a few more functional cases.  Each one stores things in a ‘secret’ back compartment, the one below by Speck being the most basic.
organized-iphone-cases-speck-smartflexThe thing I like about this one is that it’s a flexible silicone-y case.  I prefer those over hard cases because I feel like they bounce and absorb shock better if/when tossed around.  It makes me feel better to have a squishier case.
The SwitchEasy case is kind of cool too.  It reminds me of those crazy wallets you see in SkyMall magazine.  You can click on the corner button to eject your credit card from its super secret hiding spot.
organized-iphone-cases-switcheasyAnd the last one I found has potential to hold the most small items – really turning your iPhone5 into a true jack of all trades.  A phone-email-TV-radio-internet-wallet machine all in one.  You could get seriously crazy and permanently ditch your purse to just carry this bad boy around: the Stowaway Hard Shell case by Incipio.  Oh and if you don’t want to keep anything in there the flap doubles as a stand so you can prop your device up.  Never ending uses!
Fun Cases:
These cute cases I found on Etsy come in a few different colors and can be personalized a few different ways.  I like the idea of a single letter monogram in the center.  And I’d probably go with classic white and navy rugby stripes.  I know, I have a problem.  I just love navy too much.  If it were socially acceptable I’d drape myself in navy.  A little Seinfeld reference for you tonight…
And then of course how could I NOT check out the J.Crew selection of iPhone cases.  Scratch what I said before, if it were socially acceptable (and lucky for me it IS!) I would drape myself in J.Crew.  Slim pickings for cases for the iPhone5 right now at J.Crew, but this was my favorite of the bunch:
Fun AND Functional:
Bet you didn’t see that coming did you?!  Bam.  This one was extra neat to me.  It’s cute and fun, it’s protective, and it would be really easy to slide your phone, ID, and some cash into this thing on a weekend.  It’s also small and flexible so if you had it lying around your house and or bag it wouldn’t take up much space or be annoying to have a second case around.
It is the ‘Bambina’ case and is also available on Etsy, in a bunch of different colors/styles.  I like the green or gold in this shot.  You can’t tell from this picture but you slide your phone in the case from the top, and then the little kangaroo pouch on the outside is for your other stuff.  So cute.
And that pretty much wraps up my search.  Shockingly (NOT), I’m still not sure which one I’ll end up with.  I met B at our local Verizon store to get his phone and picked up a very basic black silicone case to have for now while I figure that out.  But there are some really good options out there and I’m pumped to try one.  And of course to play with my new iPhone too…when it finally gets here.  For now I’ll just stare longingly at B on the couch next to me enjoying his new phone.  (I know, we sound very, very sad and materialistic.  I promise we’re not – we’ve just been technologically deprived for the past 5 years with our very old outdated phones…)

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