H-Burg 26.2


Oh yeah.  Like that aerial shot of Harrisburg, PA?  Looks nice enough right?  Well I’ll be there this coming Sunday pounding the pavement for 26 miles, 385 yards.  I’ll tell you how nice it is after that.  As I mentioned on Sunday, due to the cancellation of the NYC marathon I signed myself up for Harrisburg this coming weekend.  So B, A and I are headed to the State Capitol on Saturday afternoon to check into a hotel, ingest some carbs, and partake in H-burg Marathon Madness.  And by madness,  I mean a pre-race early bedtime watching some boob tube.  I don’t do much the night before a race.  I’m hearing the race is about 1,500 people which should be a hoot.  The funny thing is with it being so small and local, I feel a lot more relaxed than I did before NYC last weekend.  Funny how that happens.

To prepare myself this week I ran a quality 10 miler on Sunday (slightly under race-pace), but was forced to take Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off due to crazy busy days.  For some reason I’m just too popular at work these days.  People have gotten on the S-train bad these past 2 weeks.  Everyone thinks I need to be in their meetings.  I think it’s my dashing good looks and keyboard shortcut agility.  Thursday I squeezed in a light 3 miles at lunch and I think I’ll jog with KP on Saturday morning for a mile or two.  I like doing that to loosen up my legs and calm my nerves.

But that’s it.  Bet you didn’t think you’d still be stuck in this marathon monotony come the middle of November did ya.  Thanks for sticking it out!


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