Petals & Pinwheels.


Really grainy and yellow shot for this post, but you get the idea where this is going.  And for the record, there was terrible light just before A’s party when I took these shots, and I’m not up to snuff yet on using Photoshop to fully fix things yet…

Anyway, these are some shots of the centerpieces I made for A’s first birthday.  Along with the colorful Gerber daisies my MIL found (they matched the color theme perfectly!). I wanted to share a tutorial in case it’s helpful to anyone else looking to make pinwheel centerpieces in mason jars.  You know, because there are so many of you out there and all.  Actually, there could be a decent amount of you based on some quick googling I just did.  So let’s do it.

The shot below shows the supplies I used.  I had a few on hand already  and picked up the rest for under $25 at A.C.Moore.  You are looking at (from L to R): Paper Pinwheels (made using my own method, which combined a few tutorials found on the Googles), paper filler, floral Styrofoam  two different widths of pink and orange grosgrain ribbon,  a Ball mason jar (I had both quart and pint sizes for decor, only the quarts are used in the shot above for the food table), craft dowels, and extra hot glue gun sticks.


The first thing I did was set up the mason jars as a base.  I played around with ribbon before cutting it to see how long of a piece I’d need.  To do that I just wrapped it around the top, tested a bow, etc.  Once I had the right size I cut 3 more so I had 4 in total.  Then I dabbed my hot glue gun onto the rim of the jar from the back all the way around the sides, leaving about and inch and a half to 2 inches open at the front so I could still tie the bow.  Before doing that I let them dry completely.  And if you think this sounds simple, it kinda does, but trust me when I say that I tied and re-tied those darn bows several times to get them just right.  Like so:


Next I shaved some of the outside of the Styrofoam so the circles were a little smaller and would fit inside the mouth of the jars.  Once I had a piece was nice and settled, I added the paper filler to the jar.  I had to use one of the dowels to poke it down and around the Styrofoam to hide it, which was also kind of tedious, but it made a big difference.  Seeing the Styrofoam is a little JV.  You can see a filled jar in the background of the shot below.


Back to the hot glue gun.  Any project involving a hot glue gun is infinitely more fun.  Even B’s curiosity piques when he sees me bring that thing out.  I cannot wait until A is old enough for arts & crafts days at home.  Literally can’t wait.  I dream about what our arts & crafts projects will be, and about the craft room I’m going to design and build in the big suburban house B buys for me one day…

HA!  Pipe dreams.  Don’t get me wrong, I REALLY want a craft room, but we’re not moving to the ‘burbs any time soon.  We like the city.  And I’ll of course be chipping in on our abode.  I wouldn’t leave B stranded like that.  Teamwork!

But back to crafts…it was now time to assemble the pinwheels.  I hot glue gunned some of my larger paper pinwheels to craft dowels and trimmed the bottoms so they’d be a good height in the jars.  Once those dried my last and final step was the stick the pinwheels in each jar, being sure to get them nice and tight in the Styrofoam at the bottom.  I had to play around with them a little bit to get them just right, but anchoring them was a huge help.  Below is a final shot.  I wasn’t sure how big I wanted the pinwheels to be in the jars, so I had two test sizes for comparison purposes.

And I really have to point out that the pink pinwheels do not look NEARLY this large in person.  It totally dwarfs the jar in this shot, but if you scroll all the way back up you’ll see they worked perfectly.

So there you have it.  An easy and inexpensive way to DIY pink and orange pinwheel centerpieces, if you happen to be in the market for that kind of thing.  But actually you could do a lot with the jars other than this – I can totally see leaving the ribbon and doing other things like tea lights or flowers, etc.  Love all things functional.



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