NYC 0.00.


And then there were none.  No miles run today in NYC, as I had been planning on doing since I got into the race via lottery back in April, as the race was cancelled late on Friday afternoon.  While I completely understand the decision to do so, I can’t help but be majorly disappointed.  It’s been a long 4 months of reconfiguring schedules for running, sacrificing doing fun things, and bribing B to watch A during extra long training runs while I eagerly anticipated 11/4/12.  I think I’m still in shock tonight that I did NOT run the marathon today.

I’m not a fan of wasting things.  I despise wasting time almost as much as wasting money (it’s a really close call between the two), so I was NOT going to let all that time spent training go down the drain.  So, after some googling and debating, I have decided to run the famous Harrisburg Marathon next Sunday, 11/11!  And by famous, I mean not at all in the least bit famous.  I’ve never heard of it and I hear it’s less than 2,000 runners.  “The good old H-burg Marathon”, as B has been teasing me.  I thought about the Richmond Marathon on 11/10, which had been my back-up plan if I didn’t get into NYC this year, but the logistics are too difficult since it’s a Saturday morning race, about 5 hours from here.  I also thought about the Kiawah Marathon on 12/8 since we had such a great time there back in May, and it could have been really fun to plan a spontaneous trip (which we never do, obviously…you know I don’t roll like that), but it would have been a little more expensive than what we had slotted in for the 2012 marathon budget (aka $0).

So Harrisburg it is.  State Capitol here we come…


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