NYC 26.2: Weeks 12, 13, 14.

Hal Higdon-NYC 26.2-Marathon TrainingNot my best 3 weeks, but I’m still hanging in there.  I think on average I hit about 70-75% of my training goal over the past month.  Hopefully my 99% attainment at the end of August will carry me through…

Week 12 recap: I was still recovering from whatever bug hit me the week before, and started to get this side cramp that just will not go away.  So I took Monday and Tuesday off, but got 5 miles in Wednesday morning.  The cramp was seemingly a lot better, but since then it’s gone downhill (read on…).  I was only able to get 1.5mi in on Thursday at lunch, I felt like my insides were going to fall out.  This side cramp is extremely baffling.  It might just be a treadmill issue because then I was able to push through 3.5mi during the day on Friday.  I rested on Saturday, and did 19 on Sunday.  (Had to switch with week 13 b/c knew I couldn’t get that much mileage in with A’s party!).  I actually felt really good on the long run.  The cramp kicked in but wasn’t nearly as bad as earlier in the week.  I was able to run through and feel OK.  Weekly total: 24 vs. goal of 34 (71% attainment).  Not great but feeling good for 19 has helped me keep a positive attitude.

Week 13 recap:  Because of my long run on Sunday, I rested Monday.  I got in 4 miles at lunch on Tuesday (still cramping on the treadmill!) but then ended up resting Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (yikes!).  I was anxious to get some miles in so I got a quick 5 miles in before A’s big party on Saturday, and rounded out the week with 13 miles on Sunday in the ‘burbs near B’s parents.  Suburbs = Hills = very sore calves!  Weekly total: 22 vs. goal of 31 (71% attainment).

Week 14 recap: Rested again on Monday, but got 4 miles in at lunch on both Tuesday and Wednesday.  The cramp is still there but it seems to be getting better and I’m just learning to push through.  I’m thinking it’s actually a strained abdominal muscle, and hoping I can make it through my last long run on 10/13 then really taper and let it rest until 11/4.  I rested Thursday and Friday, then squeezed in a successful 15 miles on Saturday.  I felt slow to start but my pace picked up after about mile 6.  Not where I was hoping I’d be, but with this pesky cramp and a ton going on at work and home, I’m satisfied.  I rested Sunday but do want to note that I did walk 3 miles to/from JB’s shower and Penn Station!  Weekly total: 23 vs. goal of 30 (77% attainment).

On a side note, one of my non-running goals of the month are to get back to weekly recaps; these multi-week novellas are way too boring to read through, even for me!


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