NYC 26.2: Weeks 7, 8, 9.

Hal Higdon-NYC 26.2-Marathon Training

Whew.  I’ve got quite a few weeks to catch up on here.  I’ll make the recaps as brief as I can:

Week 7: Got 3.5mi in Monday morning before work, another 3mi after work on Tuesday.  Wednesday I was forced to rest because of my schedule, but I got in about 3mi at lunch on Thursday and another 3mi in on Friday evening.  Saturday I managed a long run of 15 to round out my week at 27.5 – 1.5mi short of my goal of 29 for the week.  Seems to be the story of my life, the weeks that followed were no different!

Week 8:  Juice Cleanse week!  So things were a little off kilter, but I still managed to get the miles in.  Nothing on Monday since I wasn’t sure what I could handle with nothing but juice and liquid in my system (side note – loved the cleanse, can’t wait to post about it!).  Squeezed in 3.5mi at lunch on Tuesday.  Started my vacation Thursday with a 3mi jog to/from a Lithe class (last minute chance to tone my biceps!).  Got in another 3.5mi out in Montauk on Friday to loosen up for my long run of 16mi on Saturday morning.  There’s nowhere in the world I’d rather do long runs that Old Montauk Highway.  You can go for miles uninterrupted, and often you’ve got the ocean in view.  It’s spectacular.  I felt good Sunday so I squeezed in 3.5mi.  Total for the week: 29.5mi, 1/2 a mile off target.

Week 9: Birthday/Vacation week!  After a pretty successful Week 8 I was feeling good for Week 9.   I did a light 3mi on my birthday down to the Napeague Bay and back (another beautiful spot!).  Rested my legs Tuesday (still needed a break from long run on Sat), and then did 4.5mi on Weds and 7mi on Thurs with my new fancy GPS running watch birthday gift from B!  It’s awesome.  For someone like me who loves tracking things and loves numbers and happens to be training for a marathon, it’s perfect.  Rested my legs Friday and got in 17mi on Saturday at a decent pace.  Still not where I’d like to be for the marathon, but it’s also still hot.  Saturday also ended up being the day everyone decided to swim across the Napeague Bay (1.2mi) so I ended up doing that after my run.  Crazy, I know.  If I rode my bike home it would have almost been an Ironman in 48 hour timespan!  Total for the week: 31.5mi, again 1/2 mile off target.

Week 10 & 11 updates to come next week, and I’ve got the Philly Half Marathon this weekend.  So, lots more fun to come…



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