That’s Amore.


You know your husband really loves you when: a) he spontaneously makes you chocolate chip cookies on a Friday night, b) he puts the uneaten ones away in a tupperware (leaving the cookie trays and spatula in the sink for you to clean, but we’ll ignore that for purposes of this post…), and c) he ORGANIZES them in the tupperware because he “thought you’d like to see them nice and neat in there”.  Wow.  Of course I’m sure this reflects more upon the fact that he thinks I’m insane, but I’ll take it.  I saw these cookies on my counter Saturday morning and just had to snap a pic.

Speaking of which, notice anything different about this pic?  Anyone?  Probably not, but I do: it was edited in my new fancy Photoshop Elements program.  I brightened and lightened and enhanced and background-blurred to get the perfect organized cookie tupperware shot above.  I’ve been complaining for a while that I needed a better photo editing tool than what comes standard on my Mac, and my awesome in-laws got me the application for my birthday.  Which was a fantastic one, in case anyone was wondering.  I mentioned it in this post before we left to go on vacation, which was also stellar.  No work, no cleaning, no blogging.  I really took the week off and it was perfect.  Back to reality last week was a shock though so I do apologize for the very long blogging break.

But I’m back now.  I’ve got cookies and I’ve got Photoshop.  Watch out world!


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