NYC 26.2: Week 6.

Hal Higdon-NYC 26.2-Marathon TrainingAugust is a terrible month to be training for a marathon.  It’s still relatively hot and humid, and that lazy summer feeling is in full swing.  And I usually have it worse than in June or July since I know summer is coming to an end VERY soon.  We also had wacky schedules again this week which always makes it a little tougher to squeeze in those runs,

But here’s how the week went down:

Got 3.5 miles in at lunch on Monday and 5 miles after A went to bed on Tuesday.  I went for a baby-less long run on Saturday and got 12 miles in.  On Sunday I took a “Step Rally” class at Lithe.  In total I got in 20.5 miles and my “cross training”, but I was still 1/2 of a mile short of the weekly goal of 21, and I only ran on 3 days.  Unfortunately Week 7 was a little more of the same.  But I’ll be recapping that later in the week.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, we’re on vacation this weekend through Labor Day and it cannot come soon enough.  I need a break, and I need some time to run!


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