Summer Slump.

Working-Mom-Summer-Slump-Need-VacationAs I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m in a bit of a blogging slump.  We’ve had a VERY off-schedule August and I’ve been too exhausted by the end of the day to blog about some neat projects I’ve actually worked on this summer.  I pretty much organize some area of my life or house every weekend.  Sometimes it’s small (like my coupons), sometimes it’s a lot bigger (like the outdoor space behind our house), but I can never let well enough alone.  I’m always “just quickly tidying up” while B rolls his eyes since he knows this will snowball into me fully reorganizing some space that he deemed perfectly fine.  So I have been busy keeping it neat around here and do have some things to share soon.

We’re on vacation starting this weekend through Labor Day and it can’t come soon enough.  I’m in need of some time away from work (and my organized spaces!) to just fall off the grid and relax.  We’re headed out to Montauk where my family has been going for 59 years. Until I was 18 I hadn’t missed a trip out there, but then along came college and the real world (aka a job in 2004, our wedding in 2009, and a super pregnant yours truly in 2011).  Needless to say in the last 12 summers I’ve only made it out there 4 or 5 times.  My last time out there was in 2010 when B and I made a long-weekend trip out to see my family.  While fun, it’s too short, especially coming from Philly.  So this time we’re doing it right and staying for just over a week.  I cannot wait.

I may do some blogging if the mood strikes (I really do have some fun organizing projects to share!), and I’ll definitely be doing some running.  I’ve got serious miles to catch up on for NYC 26.2.  My busy August put running in the back seat (blogging is obviously trailing behind the car – hanging from the bumper!).  I’m in the middle of Week 8 right now which is turning out to be a little challenging because of the Pangaea Juice Cleanse that I’m doing (that I mentioned here).  And I can’t wait to post about that adventure too – I just finished Day 2 of 3 and so far so good.  Trying to start my new decade feeling light and fit (yep, I turn 30 on Monday…whomp, whomp).

So, basically this is one giant multi-tasking post:  serving as a public acknowledgement of my slumpi-ness as of late, a warning that more slumping may occur  and a promise of some quality bring-you-up-to-speed future posts.  You know I like to multi-task!


8 thoughts on “Summer Slump.

  1. Have a fun relaxing time at the Goodfoot. I was just thinking about it tonight actually because the Little League series is on now and we used to watch that when we were out there when the boys were young. Good times!

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