Gleaming & Beaming.

house cleaning-Bona hardwood floor polish-clean floors

My floors are so clean right now you could eat off of them.  And I’m not just using that as a trying-to-be-funny saying – they are literally insanely clean and I would eat something off them right now to prove it if I wasn’t preparing for my Pangaea Juice Cleanse that starts tomorrow morning.  (But that’s a story for another post.)  My floors look just as shiny as the day we moved in. They’re so slick KP is sliding around on them.  She almost completely bit it coming down the stairs earlier.  Poor pup.

I’m sitting on the couch typing but I keep peeking behind me to check out the shine on the floors in the rest of the house.  And when I do catch a glimpse I can’t help but grin.  I’ve asked B maybe 500 times, “don’t the floors look amazing?!”.  Heaven.

So, why so clean you ask?  Well I went a little crazy over the weekend and clean-attacked my whole house.  I vacuumed and scrubbed the floors in every room of the house.  I scrubbed and sanitized every surface in the bathrooms and kitchen.  I even cleaned the tile grout with a narrow scrub brush and then went over the lines with a bleach pen (this one – it’s perfect for this task).  I dusted, I Windex-ed, I conquered.  And then, when any sane person would decide it was time to stop and relax, I polished the hardwood floors.  On my hands and knees with my Bona Hardwood Floor Polish and a few micro-fiber cloths (both pictured above).  And the rest is history.

I’m a big fan of Bona products for floors, especially this polish.  I probably only end up using it once a year, but I should definitely do it more because looking at these shiny floors is euphoric.  The polish (and I think most of their products) is non-toxic, has no foul chemically odor, and dries really quick.  The bottle says an hour, but I was walking on my floors within twenty minutes.  It’s easy to apply too – just squirt some of the polish on the floor and spread it around with a micro-fiber cloth.  I applied it to our bedroom, our entire first floor and 2 flights of stairs in less than an hour.  Such a cheap and easy way to spruce things up in your home if you have older hardwoods making things look dull.

Now back to admiring my floors…


5 thoughts on “Gleaming & Beaming.

    • Well those sound like some well-loved floors. You may be looking at re-staining and sealing, depending on how worn down. Or maybe some good wood oil to perk them up and then a coat of sealant?

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