NYC 26.2: Week 5.

Hal Higdon-NYC 26.2-Marathon TrainingWeek 5 was a toughie.  Had a goal of 24 miles and I came up short at 22.

B’s dad had his hip replaced last week so A’s Gammy has been watching her at their house in the suburbs while he is recovering (are we not the luckiest people ever that she happily plays Nurse Jane AND Mary Poppins…for free?!).   So our schedules have been a little wacky while we drive out there to drop A off/pick her up on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I was still able to squeeze in my scheduled 4 runs, but they weren’t as long as I needed.

Because I had a jam-packed day and commute to get A after work, I ran 3 miles Monday morning with KP.  I would have gone for 4 but she was slowing me down.  Note to self – need to take her running more often.  Not acceptable for a 2 year old lab to be tired on a 3 mile run!

Got 5 miles in on Tuesday evening but it was hot and steamy and I was slow (not sure if that was from the weather, or the Shake Shack burger and fries I had for lunch…).  My schedule required me to rest on Wednesday, but I took KP for another 3 miles on Thursday morning and she was much better.

Friday is where I fell apart.  I attempted 12 miles with A in her jogger but I think I ended up around 11, with several short walking breaks along the way.  It was way too hot and humid for a quality long run.  Luckily A napped for a good portion of the way, and then fed herself milk and rice crackers when she woke up toward the end of the run.  But lesson learned on my part – when they issue an “Air Advisory”, it’s probably not code for “go for a long run today”.

Here’s to hoping for better runs in Week 6, and less relative humidity!


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