NYC 26.2: Week 4

Hal Higdon-NYC 26.2-Marathon TrainingThis is probably really sad to admit, but I am SO tired this week from staying up late watching the Olympics.  I’ve been up way past my bedtime watching the darn games (I just love them!), and when they’re finished I’m way too riled up to go right to bed.   Throw in 2 mid-week visits out to the burbs (long story) and I’m a zombie this week.  Forget about being productive at work.  Threw that out the window on Tuesday.  But I’ve also been struggling a little this week keeping up with my training…and blogging.  But you’ll get this week’s NYC 26.2 recap next week and can judge me then…

Thankfully Week 4 was majorly successful so I’m not feeling as down right now about slipping a little.  Squeezed in 4 miles each at lunch last week Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and 11 miles on Friday with A in the jogger.  That was our longest time out together and she did great.  I am so lucky she likes running with me, and I hope I just didn’t seriously jinx myself with that statement.  So I got in 23 miles for the week and “cross” on Saturday (my usual 60 minute cardio-intenisve Lithe class).  Very good week.




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