333 or 666?

Project333-buttonRecently I’ve been thinking a lot about living more simply.  This happens to me almost every summer and I think it comes from craving lighter (and less!) clothing, lighter meals, lazier weekends, and less on the to-do list during the months of June, July and August.  This year happens to be a double whammy because it’s my first summer with A.  Since having her last fall I’ve had an overall itch for more simplicity in life, because having a baby and working [basically] full time can bring a lot of chaos to your everyday life…as can all the baby gear and toys you’re now surrounded by at home!  So couple that with summertime and I’m dreaming of less clutter, emptier closets and drawers, and a general light and airy feeling all around the home.

But simplifying things can be complicated.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been purging and straightening things up around the home.  (I haven’t blogged about it since I didn’t really set out to do any of it, it’s just sort of happened as I got tired of looking at messy or disorganized things that bothered me).  But one area I decided not to tackle is my closet.  Being pregnant this time last year I didn’t get to wear any of my summer clothes so it’s been fun to reunite with my summer wardrobe this year.  Fitting into my one of my two favorite Theory work dresses in the morning seriously makes me giddy.  Putting on a loose-fitting J.Crew T with cute shorts on a weekend rocks my world.  And the best part?  I haven’t really had the desire to buy anything new.   No new clothes = money saved and less closet clutter.   It’s a pretty great feeling, and it’s also a little addictive.  As we move closer to fall and images of beautiful high boots and cozy sweaters are starting to grace the covers of the glossies, I’ve been wondering if I’ll be able to keep up with my “closet shopping” streak.

And then I came across Project 333.  Three months, 33 items in your wardrobe.  Everything else boxed up.  It sounds so hard and restrictive.  Yet so…rewarding?  Intriguing?  I can’t decide how I feel about it, or if I could do it.   The next challenge starts in September and I’m sort of dying to try it, but also terrified.   I don’t do well with failure.  I also live in workout gear on the weekends (working out or not) which is apparently a no-no with the Project.  But Project creator Courtney is quick to say this isn’t an exercise in suffering and if you need to tweak the plan to your personal needs you can.  The goal is to simplify things and free yourself to focus on other, more important things in life.

I can’t decide if 333 is actually “666” to me or not.  Either way I’m very intrigued.  I’ve visited the site several times since I first found it to ponder the challenge.  I’ll let you know if I take the plunge.  Could you do it?


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