NYC 26.2: Week 3

Hal Higdon-NYC 26.2-Marathon Training

One more week down.

Week 3 presented a few scheduling challenges so again I juggled days around and actually ended up skipping my “cross training” day (usually when I squeeze in my Lithe class for the week).  But it was worth it, we went to visit A’s baby boyfriend S and the rest of the M/V clan at the shore on Saturday and had a blast.  (Despite the fact that we picked the first cold-ish and overcast day to visit, and were on the beach wrapped in towels!)  The M/V house seems to be the social center of Margate (for adults, babies, and dogs!) so we got to hang with some new people which was fun.  Glad they didn’t mind adding our bunch to the mix.

But the [relatively] cooler weather on Sunday allowed me to get in a good 7 miler with A sleeping in the stroller.  So coupling that with the miles I got in at lunch during the week (4 on Tues and 4 on Weds…lost steam by Thurs!) and a light 3 miles on Friday afternoon when it stopped raining, I was actually able to get in 18 miles total.  One more than the goal of 17.  I’m happy with the mileage but I did miss out on the cross training so it’s not my most successful week.  But I’ll take it.

Back in the saddle again right now for week 4.  Long runs start to step it up this week which will definitely present a little more of a challenge.  I’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “NYC 26.2: Week 3

  1. S just loves his little A and the MV clan was happy to have experience the craziness! I just hope we didnt scare you away!

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