It’s In The (Beach) Bag: Baby Powder

Sea Bags for J.Crew - Navy - White

Heading to the shore this weekend?  Amazing tip for beach-going mama’s: keep baby powder in your beach tote – it works wonders on de-sanding your little ones!  I know, it seems too good to be true, but it really does work and it’s awesome.

To use: pour the powder all over your kids’ sandy spots and lightly dust it off.  Watch in awe as the sand goes along with it!  Although it will work on wet sand, I’d probably recommend letting your kiddo dry off a tad or the powder will stick to them and they will look like Casper the Friendly Ghost for the rest of your day.

That’s really it.  Enjoy!

P.S. – Beach bag above is from last year’s Sea Bags for J.Crew collection.  Love it.  Don’t love the price tag.  Typical.

P.P.S – Good friend and loyal reader MV just informed me of a product made especially for this purpose: the Sand-Off Body Mitt.  Touted as smaller/lighter than carrying a big tub of powder, and apparently does not get all over your hands when you use it.  Muy interesante.


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