NYC 26.2: Week 1

Hal Higdon-NYC 26.2-Marathon TrainingAs I embark on my journey for NYC Marathon greatness (or at least a post-baby sub 4:00 finish), I’m going to do a training update each week on the blog in an effort to keep myself motivated and honest.  Apologies in advance if you hate all things running; feel free to skip all posts going forward that start with “NYC 26.2”.  And FYI for those of you who really hate running that much: 26.2 is the standard distance for a marathon…and you also might enjoy reading this.

Week 1 started off strong (as mentioned here), but fizzled as the week went on.  To be expected during a holiday week with a 100 degree heat wave, I guess.  I got in 18 miles total for the week (all in the new sneaks, for cumulative total of 35 in the new guys) which was 1 mile shy of Hal’s weekly plan of 19.  I felt good on all runs and I didn’t skip days, just re-worked the order and mileage.  So that’s some good news.  Week 2 steps it up a bit so I’m looking forward to that challenge (and the break in the heat wave).


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