2012 Marathon Training Calendar Screenshot

Well, Keep It Neat’s NYC Marathon training started today.  I finished creating my training calendar in Excel a few weeks ago but have been slow to post about it.  Instead I just hinted about it here and here.  You can see a glimpse of the finished product above, and I’m also attaching a copy to this post in all of its Excel gloriousness (see downloadable link below this post).  I have it printed and hanging in my office (since that’s where I do most of my schedule planning).

My plan is based off of Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Marathon plan.  I love Hal’s training plans and have used them for every long distance race I’ve run since I did my first BSR in 2006.  When I ran my first marathon in 2010 (Philadelphia Marathon) I used Novice 1 and it was perfect, but this is my second marathon and I’m hoping to beat my previous time so I thought I’d up the ante and try Novice 2.  His plans are all based around long runs on the weekend (usually on Saturday mornings), with shorter runs during the week, making these plans really well suited for those of us working “9-5” jobs.  The major differences between N1 & N2 are that N2 has all around higher mileage and “pace” runs in the middle of the week.  With a new(ish) baby and a full time job we’ll see if I can handle the upgrades.  I did tweak Hal’s schedule a little bit to work better with my work schedule.  Being home with A on Friday’s it might make sense to squeeze in long runs then (she loves to snooze in our running stroller) and rest on Thursdays (my last day in the office for the week so I’m usually very busy and exhausted).  Of course as time goes on and the long runs get really long (>12-15 miles), I’ll have to switch it up a little.  Not sure A will go for that long in the stroller.  So I’ll probably do some long runs on Saturdays in September and early October.

In the Excel file you can see Hal’s tweaked weekly schedule on the first tab.  As for the monthly view, I found this as a standard Microsoft template for a restaurant and replaced their pictures of food and tables with a NYC Marathon logo and an inspiring running pic.  Then I mapped out my adjusted Hal schedule on the calendar.

Now after putting you to sleep here comes the exciting part – I’ve already cheated.  But it was in a good way, if that’s possible.  I was supposed to only run 3 miles today but I was feeling good and went for 6.  What can I say, I live dangerously.  But that’s the best part of Hal’s plans.  I’ve done them for a while now and know that I can move things around during the week but as long as I’m sticking to the mileage on the weekends and in total for the week I should be fine.

So one day down, 6 miles completed.  And in my new running shoes too, for a total of 23 miles in the new shoes over the past 2 weeks (the first 17 weren’t on official Marathon training time!). I like keeping track of random things so now we’re adding shoe mileage to the list.

Well there you have it.  Some very boring but necessary (for me at least) updates on Marathon training and tracking miles on my new Marathon prep sneaks.  Blog readers beware: you will be getting more than your fair share of running updates and posts over the next few months.  You’ve been warned.



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