Organizing Blog Re-Organizing.

KIN New Blog Categories Screenshot

If that title confuses you, allow me to explain.  See, I write a blog about being organized, and today I did some straightening up around the blog.  AKA organizing blog re-organizing.  Task numero uno was to add some searchable blog categories.  You know, so if you were interested in all that I have to say about cleaning bathrooms on the fly, or keeping kid clutter at bay, you wouldn’t have to weed through every post I’ve written to find it.  What a novel idea, right?

If you scroll down a bit you’ll notice the new categories on my righthand sidebar (also shown in the screenshot above with fancy circles and arrows, but the image came out super small and I can’t figure out how to enlarge it, grr.).  They’ll be a work in progress for a bit while I decide what works, but they should help readers navigate the blog better.  The joys of organizing.

Feel free to click through and send me some feedback.  The comments section below is the best way to reach me, but I also check email at  So go on, have at ’em!


2 thoughts on “Organizing Blog Re-Organizing.

    • Categories are a standard feature on WP blogs, but don’t automatically display with the template I use. So yep, I added a widget on the sidebar so categories would display. Looking forward to the shore this week and can’t wait to talk blogs! Love ES!

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