The Sandwiches!

California Powerhouse via Stately Sandwiches

There are probably only 6 other people who will chuckle at the title of this post: B, his 2 brothers, their parents, and my sister in law.  The boys affectionately imitate, nudge, tease, and harass their mother relentlessly.  They’re probably worse now at 30+ than they were at 10.  Apparently about ten years ago, they were all ready to leave for a long car ride down to South Carolina for vacation.  They pulled out of the driveway when their mom realized they forgot the food they had packed for the road and screamed, “the sandwiches!”.  See?  Not that funny right?  But they love it.  And that is how this famous phrase, along with countless others, has seeped into our family lexicon.

But recently I found a new reason to do some exclaiming over sandwiches: Stately Sandwiches.  Started by designer Kelly Pratt in Chicago, it’s a really cool project in which Kelly has set out to make sandwiches that represent each of our 50 states.  To accomplish this she is traveling across the country with friends to discover and create each sandwich recipe, and is blogging about it all along the way.  She shares her sandwich recipes on the blog, along with fun-to-read stories about making each one.  And her official sandwich board photos are fantastic.  I love how perfectly organized each one is!  And they look delicious too.  Many of you know that I am also a big fan of sandwiches.  The California Powerhouse and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Cheesesteak are my favorites so far – typical that I go for the ones that are on completely opposite ends of the healthy-for-you spectrum – and I’m looking forward to following her journey and seeing what else she “cooks” up.

Check out her site.  If not for the recipes, for the eye candy that is her perfectly arranged sandwich boards.  Their organizational awesomeness is actually quite calming.  Much needed for me as I face a busy week coming up at work this week.  Bon Appetit!


4 thoughts on “The Sandwiches!

  1. Well in my defense I didn’t know you nudgers at 10. But yeah, you’re pretty bad now as adults. Looking forward to eating/making/yelling sandwiches with you guys next week!

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