Google Sesame!

ScreenshotSome of you may recall this post of yore when I talked about keeping your online Usernames and Passwords organized and safe.  For the past few years I’ve been keeping mine saved in a Word document on the hard drive of my work computer, since that is where I end up doing most of my banking and bill paying (during lunch breaks, of course).

Well guess who just entered the twenty-first century and is now saving her “Open Sesame” Password (PW) List on Google Docs?  Yep, this girl.  I know lots of people who take advantage of Google’s awesome sharing applications like Calendar and Docs, but I have yet to really get my feet wet with Docs.

For those that don’t know, Google Docs is basically a virtual repository where you can save word processing docs, spreadsheets, etc.  If you have a Google account it’s just one of the options on the menu at the top of the page (circled in the pic above).  When you click on Documents it will list everything you currently have saved in there, and there are additional features available like sharing certain documents with other people (great for family calendars, family expense trackers, etc.)

So now I have my PW list saved in my Google Docs (also circled in the pic above), and can access it wherever and whenever I access the internet.  And as I mentioned in my original PW List post, I do not store my actual usernames and passwords but rather I use hints like “name”, “email”, and “standardPW”, “standardPW+1” (when you need an extra character), etc.  Some usernames and/or account ID numbers are OK to save, but I would never save actual passwords, and do not recommend doing so.  I’ve used my new Google Sesame PW List a few times and so far it’s working out, but I’ll of course keep you posted if it fails me down the road, or if there is some gigantic flaw in this plan that I haven’t yet discovered.

And if you’re wondering what sparked this change, it really came down to the fact that I was tired of B asking me almost every other week what our “Xfinity” password was so he could stream movies and TV on his iPad.  We’ve been having a month-long issue with one of our cable boxes (I know, you’d think I’d be able to help with that considering I might have a small connection to the Cable Guy…) so he’s been entertaining himself online.  Hmm.  That sounded wrong.  He’s been getting his TV fix on his iPad.  Much better.  Anyway, he has no memory for things like usernames and passwords, and I have no tolerance for his selective memory, especially when it involves grabbing my work laptop, booting up for 17 mins, and opening my PW list for him.  But I didn’t want to put the list on my home computer because then I’d have two lists going and they’d be sure to get out of sync.  So Google Docs seemed like the perfect solution.

Anyone else have crafty ways to remember or save your passwords?  Or have husbands with selective memory??


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