Run With It.

National Running DayNational Running Day is coming up on Wednesday, June 6th.  Isn’t that the nerdiest thing you’ve ever heard?!  But I’m a true running geek so it’s exciting to me.  I’m still an EHS TF at heart.  I’ve been a runner through and through since I was 13.  Way before Katie Holmes and Diddy decided it was cool to run, and certainly well before Lululemon converted stylish lazy chicks into workout fiends.  Running is both my passion and addiction.  It’s what has always kept me [relatively] sane!

Check out the official NRD link here for more info.  And get your butt in gear next Wednesday!

Speaking of running, I’ve been working on my NYC Marathon Training calendar and it’s almost finished.  I went extra nerdy on you guys and made a fancy Excel calendar.

Nerdiness all around today.  TGIF!


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