Everywhere, like, such as…

We’re heading down to South Carolina next week to spend 5 days (hopefully!) on the beach at Kiawah Island, and to check out nearby Charleston, which I’ve heard is a neat town and happens to be quite high on my list of “Must Visit” US cities.  It will be our first “family vacation” and A’s first plane ride.  You can’t even imagine the list making that has already begun around here to prepare for the adventure.  But rest assured I’ll share it all here after the trip, along with a recap of what we learn about traveling with a baby.  Wish us luck!

Getting ready for SC reminded me of this gem (for no other reason than the state, I assure you).  So I give you this clip to brighten up your (almost!) Friday.  If you’ve never seen this one before you will probably need to watch it at least twice to reassure yourself that your brain is indeed functioning normally; it’s not you, it’s…it’s actually completely inexplicable.  Just watch it, you’ll see what I mean.

Disclaimer: I’m sure Miss SC ’07 is a lovely person and I am by no means passing judgement on her or her intelligence.  But her reply to this question is amazeballs.


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