Womens Room Sign 1

I did something a little crazy.  Or, a lot crazy.  Depends on how you feel about making over the ladies room on your office floor.  Yep.  That’s just what I did.  But let me back up a bit first and explain myself…

I work in an amazingly spectacular skyscraper.  It is the 15th tallest building in the country and at one point was the tallest LEED-certified building as well (I believe that has changed since we moved there in 2008, but I could be wrong).  It’s totally sappy that I’m gushing about our building, but it’s really an amazing place to work.  It’s beautiful, it’s modern, it’s environmentally conscious, and it’s [usually] very clean.  It’s also often taken for granted since it is, after all, a place of work.  Nowhere is this more evident than the 36th floor ladies room.  To put it bluntly, it’s as if potty-training preschoolers use it.  I’m not kidding.  The room is consistently trashed.  And it’s a gorgeous bathroom!  We have granite countertops!  Over the past few months the hooks on the back of half the stall doors have also fallen off, so we’re forced to either put our things on the floor (ew), or on the counter by the sinks (wet).

At some point our facilities department decided to hang these generic signs on the doors asking us to keep the place a little neater and to alert them if anything funky is going on.  The signs were haphazardly slapped up on the stall doors with small pieces of tape, and are now curling up at the edges or ripping.  They just make the stalls look worse, and they seem to motivate more trashing.  It drives me nuts.

So last week I took matters into my own hands.  I emailed facilities and asked them to get on the hook re-install pronto.  (I actually said it significantly nicer…and there might have been a friendly emoticon).  And I made new signs for the stalls, laminated them, and hung them up neatly on the backs of each door.  Check out the before and after pics below.  Looks a lot better right?

Bathroom Sign Before-After

So yeah, I realize I’m borderline insane, but our nice clean building deserves the TLC.  And hopefully the mystery bathroom sprucer upper will inspire the ladies room bandits to clean up their act.  And after themselves.


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