Nada. Zilch.

Empty To Do ListI did something yesterday that I don’t do that often: nothing.  And it
was awesome.  It was my first Mother’s day so as a treat to myself I
decided I was going to completely relax and enjoy my family, my home,
and my city without worrying about any of my usual “prep for the week
ahead” Sunday chores.  I paid for it a little bit this morning rushing
around, but it was so well worth it to take the time completely “off”.
I know it sounds counterintuitive, but one of the main reasons that I
strive for neatness and efficiency in my life these days is so that I can
have more time to actually enjoy it.

Little Miss A kicked things off for us pretty early yesterday – 6:30am – but I guess she just couldn’t wait to get the party started!  B fed her while I attempted to sleep in with KP.  I didn’t really have much luck though; my internal clock is just set on early.  But she decided to go down for a 3 hour nap at 8am so literally everyone in the house went back to bed.  That time I slept until 10am and it was glorious. I took KP on a casual morning walk and when I got back there was a card and flowers for me, and a new orchid to replace the one B accidentally neutered last month.  I was very happy to put the new guy back in our “greenhouse” downstairs.

Once A was fed and dressed we ventured out for some lunch at a spot nearby with outside seating and good people watching.  After lunch and a walk around the neighborhood we headed home for A’s afternoon nap.  This one went on for about 2 hours, and guess who also fell fast asleep on the couch? You know it. It was a major luxury.  We grilled for dinner and I even watched a few episodes of Khloe & Lamar on E!.  I’m not even into the show but it just felt indulgent to sit back on the Kouch and Keep up with the Kardashians.

And that was about the extent of our whole day.

Like I said, they don’t happen often, but these “nothing” days are
sometimes just what the doctor ordered.  Everyone needs time to
re-boot and enjoy what is really important in life.  Some people are
better at doing it than others, and some need holidays or sick days
(or newborns) to force them to just chill the heck out.  When I had A
it was a major adjustment for me.  I was used to doing a million
things in a day, but life with a newborn was not designed for that
kind of lifestyle.  I had to learn how to only let myself tackle 1 or
2 things in a day (sometimes none!), and how to be OK with it.  I
caught on pretty quickly and it was one of the most valuable lessons
I’ve learned to date.  So while I do enjoy a clean home and a
well-organized to-do list, I’m very conscious of taking time to be
“off”.  I’ve even been known to assign “nothing” days in my personal
organizer so I don’t forget or try to commit myself to ten other
things.  Crazy?  Maybe.  But it works.  Try it.  You’ll thank me.


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