The Thrill of it All: Label Love.

Group Excitement

If you’re doing a double take on the title and image for this post, it’s not you, it’s me.   You’re probably recalling this previous post by the same name, in which I expressed my excitement over my coworker’s organized kitchen pantry re-do.

Well today I’ve got another reason to be excited about spreading the organizational love, which has sparked “The Thrill of it All” to become a new blog segment in which I’ll be sharing these stories and tidbits as they come up.

Normally on daycare days, B does morning drop-off and I do evening pick-up.  There’s much debate in our house over which end is more fun, but that’s beside the point.  Today we had to switch it up because A had an evening doctor’s appointment and I wasn’t going to be able to leave work early enough to take her.

Well.  You know me and my routines (and my perspirational tendencies) so you can imagine how ‘off’ I felt this morning…and just how sweaty I was.  I’ve got pick-up down to a science, but drop-off is a different world.  I took things out of her bag and just stared at them trying to remember where they go (clean pacifier in her crib, bottles and food in her fridge bin, teething toys in her freezer bin, back-pack on her hook – oh, and baby on the mat with toys!).  It’s a lot to remember at 7:15am!  As I was holding her bottles staring blankly, one teacher looked at me and said, “by the way, we LOVE that you label her bottles so nice like that – we always know which ones are hers!”.  Yes, she said that.  It’s a direct quote.  Trust me, I’ve been replying it in my mind all day.  I love compliments on my never ending quest for efficiency almost as much as I love organizing things in the first place.

So just like that, my stressful, sweaty, off-the-routine Thursday morning turned into a pleasant drop-off at daycare, followed by a clear and sunny walk to the office 3 blocks away.  It’s the little label things.


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