Throw in the Towel.

Crate & Barrel Vineyard Wine GlassesLet’s talk about streaking.  Nope, not the type that involves a nude Will Farrell (“We’re going streaking!  We’re going up the quad and to the gymnasium!”), the type that ends up on wine glasses when not dried properly.  Now I’m no Win-o, I’m more of a beer girl, but B and I do crack open a bottle here and there when we want to feel fancy.  Or when we need a little self-medication.  Whatever the occasion, we always use the same nifty trick I picked up from The Magi for streak-free drying.  This trick is quick, easy, and cheap – aka Awesome.

Things you will need: soap, water, a hand towel, and paper towel(s).

Instructions: when finished with your little wine binge, clean glasses as you normally would (I swish hot, soapy water around a few times and rinse thoroughly) and shake them out a bit.  Use a clean hand towel to quickly blot the outside of the bowl, stem, and foot.  Rip off a sheet of paper towel, loosely ball it up, and stuff one in each glass.  Make sure it’s not balled up too tightly; you want the edges of the paper towel to graze the inside wall of the bowl.  Set the glasses somewhere safe on your countertop, and leave them over night to dry.

The paper towels will absorb all the little drops in the glasses as they dry, so they don’t even have the opportunity to run down the insides of the bowl and cause streaking.  And most people should have the supplies right there next to their sink, which means no need for purchasing gimmicky gadgets like spiked drying mats and quirky standing hooks.  Those things never work as well as you think they will and they take up so much darn space!

In the morning, enjoy your clean, streak-free wine glasses.  Hopefully just their looks.  If you’re putting them back to use in the morning your issues may be bigger than just streaky glasses.  But hey, I’m no doctor…


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