Apply Yourself.

Labeled Bottles Close UpIn March, A started going to daycare 2 days a week.  Her Grandmas continue to watch her another 2 days, and I play the role of Stay At Home Mom once a week.  Before she started I wanted to get her bottles all nicely labeled and organized (shocker).  I’m super pumped about the Applied Labels that I purchased online, and have been eagerly waiting to post my review (see picture above – names have been awkwardly covered with grey rectangles to protect the innocent).  They were actually love at first sight, but before publicly singing their praises on the interwebs I wanted to put them to use and see how they held up.  It’s been 2 months and they are fab.  No sign of them wearing down or off any time soon.

I toyed with the idea of using a label maker (who can ever resist an opportunity to use a label maker?!), but I wanted something that was created specifically to withstand being washed over and over.  A quick Google search yielded several sites making labels specifically for bottles.  I checked out a couple, but Applied stood out the most.  I liked how simple they were, and the ability to purchase things a la carte.  I went with a basic sheet of 30 Name Labels for $14.95 and a roll of purple Baby Tapes for $5.50 (that’s what you see above wrapped around the bottles, under the labels).  I did have to pay for shipping, but it was only $2 which isn’t too bad.  Between the 2 items, I’ve been able to label everything she needs at daycare and I still have 10 labels and about 80% of the tape roll to spare, all for under $23.

I used both the tape and the labels on her bottles (to help them stand out a little better to her caregivers), and I cut small pieces of the tape to put on the nipple collars and caps.  So this way everyone knows all bottle parts with purple tape belong to A…and only A!  I’ve also put the labels on things like her saline nasal drops and sunscreen, where marker would have worn off over time.  Both the tape and the labels are dishwasher safe, and so far they have stayed on nice and tight.  Not even a semblance of a peel-up.  The labels claim to be washing machine safe as well, but I have yet to use them on clothes or bedding.

So yeah, in case you couldn’t tell, I’m very satisfied with our whole bottle labeling system.  They are just so fun and easy to use, and they make things look so nice and orderly.  I’ve actually been trying to think of other things I could possibly label, just so I can continue my labeling streak.  I know KP and B could use labels for something, I just haven’t thought of it yet.  Suggestions welcome.

PS – It’s worth noting that I have zero affiliation with Applied Labels, I just bought their products and happen to really like them. 


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