The Feud.

B and I love watching YouTube clips of funny game show moments.  I don’t know why.  We will literally go through dozens of them, laughing uncontrollably with tears in our eyes.  Unrelated, we also love the new Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey – it’s hilarious.  We re-discovered the show when we were home for maternity & paternity leave this fall, and we were hooked.  I probably shouldn’t admit this, but once or twice a week I’ll squeeze in a workout at the gym in our office, and I usually aim for the 12 o’clock hour so I can get a quick dose of The Feud.

This clip is one of our absolute favorite game show moments.  It’s hilarious, it’s The Feud, and it’s the British version.  It’s like the humor trifecta.  Happy almost-Friday to everyone.  Enjoy!


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