Good Till The Last Drop.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Know what irks me?  Going to put on lotion and knowing that there is definitely some left in there, but it’s down to the dregs so the bottle won’t pump or squeeze anything out.   I KNOW there is still lotion in there!  It’s just not making its way out!  I used to just  get frustrated, toss the bottle then frantically try to squeeze in a lotion run the next day during lunch.   But I’m very particular about the face and body lotions that I use, so quickly re-stocking was difficult, and it would pain me to see that last bit go to waste.  So a few years ago I decided to fight back.  After examining the “empty” tube of my absolute favorite face lotion – Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer – I was able to gauge where the lotion fill line was, and I cut the tube just above that point.  The picture below shows what the bottom part of the tube looked like afterwards.

Saving Face Lotion!

With the tube open like this I’m able to use my finger as a scoop to get the last of the lotion.  And usually there is about a week’s worth of face lotion stuck in there!  That’s not as insignificant as you might think – a tube of LMTM usually lasts me about 2 months, so if I can squeeze out an extra week every time, that’s 6 weeks extra per year – almost an entire tube saved.  If the math doesn’t make sense don’t worry, I love numbers and I love puzzles, and I also love to make things more complicated than they need to be.

Back to our tutorial.  To prevent the lotion from drying out I also snip off the top of the tube and wash it, and then fit it inside the bottom half as a makeshift cap, like in the very first picture above.  It takes a little manipulating to get them to fit together, but plastic is pretty malleable and it will get in there.  It holds its shape pretty well after the first few times so it should get easier to cap/recap.

You can also use this trick on larger, standing pump bottles for hand and body lotions.  You will need to poke a hole into the bottle with your scissors first (be careful!) and then cut around the bottle from there, since they are usually too round/big to just snip off like the LMTM tubes.   Remember to cut low enough that you’ll be able to reach in and scoop your lotion, but high enough that the leftover amount won’t spill out. Continue the same way for using the top of the bottle as a cap for the lotion as well.

As I’m sure Benjamin Franklin intended to say, “A drop of lotion saved is a drop of lotion earned…”


5 thoughts on “Good Till The Last Drop.

  1. so happy you brought this up!! i HATE when this happens and I always cut open the tube! I think we need to start writing letters to these companies! so much lotion wasted!!

  2. This post comes at the perfect time! I was literately planning on running out during my lunch break today to buy a new tube of LMTM. Now I’m going to save myself some money and cut the tube instead. If I can get another weeks worth of moisturizer that would be amazing.Thanks keep it neat!

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