Totes Magotes.

Baggu Duck Bag Sailor Stripe

Some people are into shoes.  I have always gravitated towards bags.  And generally speaking, I’m a big fan of totes.  I think it stems from my obsession with being prepared, or, as it may be more correctly “diagnosed”, my terrible fear of being unprepared.  If I always have a large bag with me containing lots of things I might somehow possibly need, then I’ll never be caught off guard, right?!

For workday use I’ve always carried a larger sized leather tote in a neutral color.  But that never seems cute on weekends when I’m just out and about with B, A, & KP.  So right now on weekends I’ve been doing the whole  load-all-my-own-things-into-the-diaper-bag-and-hang-it-on-the-stroller-handles look.

And then I found this cute Baggu tote a few weekends ago at…oddly enough…the Gap?  Yeah I was confused too, especially since I Googled the heck out of it afterwards and have found no evidence of this retail partnership.  But they had a whole display of these Baggu ‘Duck’ canvas bags.  I wanted to buy them all, but I ended up going with one similar to the pictured above in a green sailor stripe.  I debated between that one and the navy one (you know I love navy!) for a while, but the green seemed more fun. It’s got a big long cross body handle so I can wear it as a messenger and have my hands free, or I can hang it from A’s stroller handlebars.  And the smaller tote handles are nice and sturdy if I want to carry it as a true tote.  The only thing it’s lacking, which admittedly is a biggie for me, are lots of interior pouches and zip pockets. But for the price (paid under $20 since I had a Gap coupon) and considering it’ll be more for weekend use, I’ll take it.  Having a big bag is quite necessary for a well-prepared crazy person gal like myself, and I’m really liking this one as my casual option.  As for keeping everything organized inside of it, well I’ve just had to resort to some bag-inside-the-bag action that makes complete sense to me, but admittedly has caused some annoying conversations with B over the years…

Me: “B, could you grab my chapstick out of my bag?”

B: “Sure, where is it?”

Me: “In the small blue bag in the first compartment of my black bag”

B: “What? That doesn’t make sense.”

Me: “What doesn’t make sense?  It’s in a small blue bag, that is located in the first compartment in my black bag?”

B: “What?!”

Me: “Forget it, I’ll get it.”

See what I mean?

But that really only happens on occasion; in the grand scheme of life, bags inside of bags can be your savior when you have a big bag lacking sufficient interior pouches and pockets.  Looks like Baggu even makes some cute zipper pouches for storing smaller things.  Perfect for travel or keeping bigger bags in order.

So now on weekends I’ve got everything – and I mean everything – that I might need all nicely organized in a cute casual bag.  I totes magotes love my new Baggu bag.


7 thoughts on “Totes Magotes.

  1. You’re the kind of friend I need around! Then I would know where to get a safety pin or band-aid if I needed one. I usually have a pen, money and lippy in my bag…and sometimes my daily planner and sunglasses if I remembered to transfer them from yesterdays bag!

    • Thanks! Remembering to transfer things from bag to bag can get ya – but that’s why the bags-in-bags trick works so well! Easier to remember to move those than all the individual things.

      And I could probably use a friend like you too for some inspiration – 90 days without a single purchase? Very impressive!

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