Philadelphia Inquirer - Colored Jeans Trend

I know, I can’t let it go.  First the Duchess, now the Inky!  Everyone wants a piece of new fashion trends sported by the very cool friends of yours truly.  Philadelphia is definitely not the most fashion forward city (I cannot even tell you how many people I pass on a daily basis,  in the heart of Center City, dressed like “The Nest of Death” below – who, by the way, is a real life Philadelphian that I found on Deadspin, aptly named “Sweatpants Guy”), but we are apparently catching on to this whole brightly-colored-clothing trend.  Check out this article from yesterday’s Inquirer talking about the colored jeans trend, how to wear them, and where to buy around these parts.

Philly Sweatpants Guy

Now believe me I’m not one to be doling out fashion advice, but this awesome summer-like weather we’ve been having has definitely made me ready for some pops of color in my own wardrobe.  I don’t think my lower half is up for the challenge right now, but I’ll probably “spring” some of my favorite brighter J.Crew blouses free from their winter hiding spots in the attic soon.  Better yet, I may even check out my favorite retailer’s current spring selection and treat myself to a new top or two.  Or four.  No, just kidding.  Sort of.  OK maybe just one new top.  But some new cardigans and flats are probably order to compliment it.  It was the official start to spring this week.  That’s a good reason, right?

J.Crew Bright Color Tops

J.Crew Bright Colored Flats


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