Pin Up Gal.

(Sort of…)

Like almost every other chick out there, I am into Pinterest these days.  I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed or addicted, but I do enjoy some pinning on my wild and crazy Friday nights spent on the couch.  I know, my social life is just riveting and super hard to keep up with, right?  Anyway, I was pretty excited when I read about the Pinterest Challenge that one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love, is sponsoring.  (Side note, I could dedicate entire posts to my addiction to YHL, but that would probably be weird and very unoriginal, so I won’t do it.  But they rock.)  But back to the challenge.  I think Sherry’s quote just about sums it up: “Stop Pinning and Start Doing!”.  So true.  I need to get off my butt (and screen), and actually attempt to do some of the things I’ve pinned.  Those that are participating in the challenge have a deadline of tomorrow to blog about the project they selected from one of their Pin Boards, and/or submit a recap pics to the YHL original post about the challenge.

Unfortunately, I have to be honest here: I’m relatively new to the Pinterest universe so I don’t have a ton to choose from, and I’ve mostly been using it as a place to store ideas I have for making over a few rooms in our house.  So my current pins are a little too big to complete by tomorrow.  No official challenge entry for me this time.  Boo.

But, I was really inspired to at least get started on one of my projects this weekend and figured if I blogged about it, then it would hold me accountable to finishing it…which, as B would tell you, I really need.  I have a serious problem where I go into home projects totally gangbuster, but then fizzle out just before the finishing details.  The strange thing is that this is actually not very like me at all, and for some reason only happens with home projects.  But we can psycho-analyze me and my lack of being able to finish home projects another time. Back to the task at hand.

My goal this past weekend was to start tackling my  “Living Area Update”.  My little A will be more mobile soon and has basically no safe space to creep and crawl in our narrow, steep-staired row home.  So updating our living space to be more baby & family friendly is a serious priority.  Also a priority?  Not spending a lot.  So this weekend we headed over to Ikea to roam the showroom yellow brick road.  Not only did we come out alive, but we were actually pretty successful in our quest.  We ended up with a new loveseat/chaise lounge sofa combo, a new bright rug, a few frames and prints for the walls, and some new white ceramic pots for sprucing up our little “greenhouse” area that sits just below the skylight in our basement living area.  (When I post before & after pics this will all make more sense, I assure you.)  We still need some fun new throw pillows, a narrower media stand to hold our TV and not get on the way, and some floating shelves in two spots.  But it’s starting to look a lot brighter down here and A has a nice carpeted area for playing and to practice sitting up.  And it is certainly a lot more functional and organized.  It’s already a huge improvement and I’m pumped to finish it up and share the results.  So let this post be my teaser and self-motivator.  While I’m missing the deadline for the official YHL Pinterest Challenge, I WILL finish this home project in a reasonable amount of time…


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