Martha, Martha, Martha!

Martha Stewart Home Office OrganizationI’m all for DIY solutions and organizing on a budget, but sometimes it really does help to splurge a little on cute organization supplies to get yourself motivated.  There’s just something about looking at a stack of nice new bins and boxes and folders that just make me want to get my organizing on.  Well you can imagine my excitement when I learned earlier this month that Martha Stewart has come out with a line of Home Office Organization supplies, available at Staples!

Looking at the “collection”, there are so many things that would be fun to put to use.  A few items are pictured above.  Starting from top left and moving clockwise are: binders and accessories like zipper pouches, pockets and note tabs; kitchen organization labels; large bands for bundling documents or securing files; file pockets; fun journals; and colorful file folder labels.  I’m not exactly sure which items I could use yet, and I do not generally buy things without purpose, but I’ll look back at my master “to organize” list (yes, I have one, and I’ll share it soon in a future post) and see what could be helped along with some Martha magic.  But boy are they all so pretty!  I can’t wait to hit up Staples soon to see them in person.  I’ll admit that some of the items may be a little too crafty for me right now (I shouldn’t even pretend like I have the time to be crafting anything these days…), but I’m thinking the file pockets and binders could really help with some of the paper organization I need to get working on this year.  And hey, like I said last month, it’s time to get going on your 2011 tax return docs – maybe one of these fun folders or binders could help make the task less loathsome.  Maybe.


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