Stow Day.

Stow Storage Ottomans from Crate & Barrel

If you live anywhere in the Northeast corridor you probably woke up to a couple of inches of snow and/or ice this morning.  I braved the elements for my favorite Lithe Method “Sleeveless” class earlier, but fully took advantage the rest of the day and hung at home with A, B, and KP.  B and I made awesome roasted chicken sandwiches with bacon and avocado, and then I spent some time straightening up the house.  We’ve had a lot of random stuff lying around from Christmas and my subsequent return to work (yes, some of it is probably kipple), and it really needed to find a more permanent home.

With no closets on our first two floors, and no room for furniture that would adequately store anything, we have to improvise a lot.  I rely on several strategically placed baskets to easily store items that would otherwise lie around cluttering up our small rooms.  We also have two leather storage ottomans like the ones pictured above.  These multi-tasking cubes are fantastic.  Not only do they act as extra seating when you need it, but the lids also flip over to be a tray like the purple one in the forefront of the picture.  And the best part, the spacious interior holds a multitude of items that you’d like to keep out of sight.

I spent the afternoon stowing away all kinds of things in my baskets and ottomans:  boxes of K-cups for our new Keurig machine are in one; the other is chock full of B’s lacrosse highlights on DVDs that he received for Christmas.  A’s toys now fill up a basket, and another is brimming with our cold weather gear.  And none of this stuff is lying around my house driving me nuts.  What an enjoyable snow stow day!


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