All In a Weekend’s Work.

Well what started out as a crazy week ended on a pretty relaxing and productive note.  Unfortunately I caught a cold midweek and ended up giving it to A & B.  They were about 2 days behind me so I endured serious cold crappiness for a few days and then switched to playing Nurse Jane to everyone else.  Welcome to mama-hood I guess.  It’s times like these when I wish KP had opposable thumbs.  The good news, however, is that we are all feeling much better, and the colds forced us to spend the last few days of our vacation relaxing at home in sweatpants.

And A & B having colds wasn’t actually all that bad…being stuck at home yielded the perfect opportunity for me to go on a complete organizing binge!  In between my many trips to Rite Aid and comforting my sick little kid and sick big kid, of course.  Starting Saturday morning I attacked almost every floor of the house.  I couldn’t stop.  While working on flipping to winter clothes I decided our coat rack needed to be reorganized, doing that led me to things needing to be put away in drawers, opening those gave me serious anxiety so I had to straighten them up.  It went on like that until Monday night.  It was epic.

Here is a brief recap of my work over the weekend, in no particular order:

1. Summer Clothes (& Winter Clothes that still don’t fit yet…sniff sniff) – Took most warm weather clothing out of our room and put them into bins and bags accordingly.  Labeled everything for easy access in attic.

2. Winter Clothes – Brought winter clothes that fit out of the attic.  Arranged hanging clothes, sweaters, and boots in our closet and put warm shirts, tights, and cozy socks into my dresser.  Coats, hats & gloves went on coat rack.

3. A’s Room & Closet – Took out the 0-3mo clothes that are too small (such a big girl!), moved in the 3-6mo clothes, organized her closet (as best I could – anyone who’s tried to fold baby clothes will agree there is no point, the clothes are as big as the fold), and re-configured the contents of her changing table.

4. Maternity Clothes – HAPPILY packed these away into storage bins and hanging bags, although I must admit that I will miss that elastic waistband on my jeans at times…

5. Nightstand Drawer, AKA Kipple Graveyard – Did a major overhaul here.  Where old photos, papers, buttons, and headbands once went to die is now an organized oasis for random things that actually belong in a nightstand drawer. Big thanks to MKY for the cut up gift box tip, and to B for getting so many ties for Christmas.  They come in the perfect sized boxes.

6. Cleaning Products Under Kitchen Sink – One of the lesser exciting projects, but still pretty satisfying.  Put the most frequently used cleaning products and supplies into a shallow bucket with a handle for easy transporting around the house, organized the rest by size and frequency of use.  The result is a very appealing under sink area.  If you’re ever over and find yourself under there you’ll enjoy the view.

7. Fridge & Freezer – I like starting the year with a clean fridge and freezer.  Tossed old condiments, sauces, and super old frozen items.  Also wiped down all surfaces inside the fridge.

8. Coat Rack – Another quasi-lame one, but we really needed it.  B still had a 2008 World Series ticket on a lanyard hanging up.  Not a joke.  Took summer jackets and raincoats up to the attic, replaced them with wool, down, and fleece.

9. Diaper Bag – A’s Grandmas will be taking care of her for the next few months, so I took out everything I’d been toting around on maternity leave and got it ready for them to use.

10. Work Bag – Sadly transferred things from the diaper bag back into my work bag.  Goodbye Maternity Leave, it was truly a pleasure getting to know you, and I hope to see you again sometime in the future.


6 thoughts on “All In a Weekend’s Work.

  1. Hey ‘Keep It Neat’ lady! (By the way, how should your readers address you?) Long time reader, first time writer. This blog is great! Thanks to your helpful tips on organization, I have taken to reorganize all the clutter in my room. A Magi would tell you this room is now neat and organized. Anyways, keep up the great work, and I think I speak for all your readers when I say I can’t wait to read your next post.

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