Open Sesame!

Every now and then I come across a great organizing product that makes me slightly mad because it’s an idea I’d had at some point but never had the wherewithall to create it.  The Open Sesame Password Reminder book is one of these frustrating things.

About three and a half years ago we bought our house and I also started going to school at night for my MBA.  For some reason these two events added like 8 more usernames and passwords for different sites that I now had to remember.  It was also a particularly busy summer at work and I can recall one specific day when I couldn’t remember my username or password for the online portal that managed my employer’s MBA tuition reimbursements.  I had until the end of the day to submit my class and textbook expenses for reimbursement and I couldn’t get on.  After three failed attempts I was locked out.  I hit lift off.

If you’re wondering how this story ends, I did in fact get it all resolved and my poor bank account was happily filled later that week.  But if you’re wondering why I’m telling you all this, it’s because I created my own Open Sesame document that day, and I’m kicking myself for not thinking of how clever the idea is for a marketable product.

I will admit my version is fairly JV, and the Open Sesame book is way cooler. I have a document on my work computer where I store all usernames and password hints (I do not store actual passwords, just a quick phrase to remind me what it is) for sites where I have a user account.  I created it in Word which was probably a mistake since now I have to manually alphabetize it when I add a new entry.  Excel would have been much better.  I’m a complete Excel junkie so I’m actually not quite sure why I didn’t start it there.  Perhaps I was just too frazzled that day.  But I do update and refer to this document all the time and am really glad that I have it.  If you like splurging on fun office supplies, this book a great idea for you.  If not, I still think keeping your usernames and password hints in one safe spot is a necessity in this day and age.  Starting a list on your computer or in a favorite notebook is more than sufficient.  Just make sure it’s some place that is safe, and that your hints aren’t too far fetched.  Remember, the goal of this idea is to help you remember your passwords, not curse yourself for being so damn forgetful…and cryptic.


3 thoughts on “Open Sesame!

  1. So true! My version of your Open Sesame document is just my address book. I use Apple’s Address Book, which I can access on my computer, iPhone, the web, etc.
    I create an entry – say PayPal – and in the notes section write my username & a password hint. I also include my husband’s info for the site (like our banks & insurance sites), if his login info is different than mine. I also store account numbers, customer service phone numbers, & email addresses if need be. The fact that the address book is easily updatable & that I always have access to it is invaluable. Last year I bought a piece of software called 1Password- while it’s nice to have sometimes, I find my address book method is more reliable in this mobile world we live in!

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