Closet Kipple.

Wow.  Our full week off for Christmas, which we intended to spend relaxing at home together, somehow turned into just a few hours.  Literally.  If I add up the time we’ve been in our house since last Friday I think it’s less than 24 hours.  The week kicked off with a few days out in the ‘burbs with B’s family for a wonderful (and chaotic!) Christmas celebration.  Eleven of us in one house with 4 kids under 3 and one dog = mayhem.  We also attended two big birthday bashes: a 3rd birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s, and an 80th in New York.  The 80th was at a swanky spot with good food, drink, and family, but Chuck E’s had pizza, birthday cake, and Skee ball.  Yours truly had the group’s highest Skee ball score of the day with a whopping 37,000.  And if that didn’t impress your socks off, I got it without hitting the 10,000.

So the time I had planned to be at home working on Project Bad Kipple this week didn’t quite pan out as I would have liked.  Before my more permanent return to work next week (as opposed to my quasi-pretend 2-day return before Christmas), I need to get a few major areas in order.  My real return to work coincides with the New Year, which is extra motivation to get these things done.  I always like starting the year with a clean and organized home; it makes me feel like I’m starting the year with a clean slate.

The first thing I’d like to do is go through my Closet Kipple.  This is one of my worst areas.  I’m sure many other female readers will sympathize.  We buy too many clothes, and we hang on to them way longer than we should.  Reality is that even if we do lose the “just 5-10 pounds” we think we need to fit into those old jeans, we’ll still probably find something wrong with them.  To keep my closets and attic space under control I have a system.   First, I go through all of my clothing and accessories 2-4 times a year, usually in between seasons when I flip my closet over.  If I haven’t worn something in multiple years, I try to put it in a goodwill pile.  Key word is try.  Some things I just can’t let go.  If I haven’t worn an item in about a year I usually give it one more chance in my wardrobe.   Next, I organize the keepers.  Off-season items are stored in a spare closet or the attic, and current items get to live the high life in my bedroom closet.  For the attic-goers, I group similarly sized hanging items (skirts/pants/shirts, dresses & jackets) into these bags, and I put sweaters, jeans, and foldable shirts into these storage bins.  I also use the bins for shoes, bags, and scarves.  A good closet space saver I’ve discovered are slimline hangers.  They are awesome.  I use them for the items staying in my closet and for those going in the attic; they allow you to literally double your hanging contents.  After I’ve sorted and sifted through everything, I like to spend time re-folding and re-hanging the items that will be staying with me for the next few months, and arrange them nicely in my closet and dresser.   Then, after I’ve stared admiringly at my work for a few minutes, I close the dresser drawers, shut the closet door, and spend the rest of the evening reassuring B that I haven’t lost my mind.

While we’re home today I think I’ll start to tackle my closet project.  Next on the list? My end of year kitchen clean-up, going through receipts & papers, and organizing A’s room and closet.  She got loads of toys and clothes for Christmas, and she’s just starting to grow out of her 0-3mo sized clothes.  I have an entire box of gifted and hand me down 3-6mo clothes that can now go in there.  Lucky for me that someone decided to make slimline hangers for babies!


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