Getting Personal.

Today was my day of re-entry back into the working world after being home on maternity leave for 3 months.  The day was, of course, filled with mixed emotions, but overall I would say it was a success.  Aside from catching up with some old friends and showing off pictures of my beautiful girl, one of the best parts of my day was getting reacquainted with my wonderful personal organizer!   I vowed to tuck it away the night before A was born, and amazingly I stuck to it.  I didn’t pull it out until last night when I was getting my bag(s) together to return to work.  As if I wasn’t a bag lady before (being ill-prepared for any possible situation is my biggest fear), I am way worse now.  I looked like I was going backpacking through Europe while I waited for the bus this morning.

I have been using the same personal organizer since 2004 and before I took my organizer-vacation this fall, I could barely live a day without it.  When an earthquake hit the East coast this past August, I evacuated down 36 flights of stairs (8+ months pregnant no less!) and realized halfway down that I had left my organizer on my desk in my office.  My good friend and co-worker D had to physically restrain me and force me down the remaining flights so I wouldn’t double back to get it.  I think she thought I was joking at first with how upset I was, but then she realized I am just crazy.  Thanks D!

At home, at work, and on the go I like to have one central place to keep important information.  Wow that sounds like a sappy commercial for some product you don’t really need.  But all kidding aside, it is how I keep myself organized and sane.  My personal organizer is my portable place for things.  A few years ago I discovered Kate Spade’s paper refills that fit any standard ‘personal’ and ‘pocket’ sized organizers.  I love them.  They are a little pricier than other refills out there but they just make me smile.  The amount of space allotted for each day in the weekly view is just perfect, with one extra lined space per week for general notes and to-do’s.  There is always a blank page before each month and I use this to write down general goals for that month.  This idea really came in handy over the past few years as we bought a house, planned a wedding, and prepared for A’s arrival.  Kate also makes packets of very cute “To-Do” list refills, “Notes” refills, and “Project” list refills.  The refills are available for sale on the Kate Spade website (link above) and many nice stationery or invitation stores carry them as well.  I try stock up on these refills at the end of each year, and they are perfect to put on your Christmas wish list for the approaching New Year.


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