It’s a Wrap!

As promised, here are some before and after pictures of our Christmas 2011 wrapping mayhem.  The first picture shows all of our gifts in their naked state, sitting in our “staging” room, AKA the guest room.  I hope my 3 year old nephews C & J aren’t reading this or they’ll see the awesome new slam dunk basketball hoop we got them.  They drink iced coffee and know how to operate an iPhone, but I do not think they read blogs yet.  We should be safe.  The second picture shows the end result.  Much better.  The gifts would have been placed under our tree, but you never know what KP will decide to snack on while we’re out these days, so they ended up on a table instead.  What started out as a massive pile of gifts in all shapes and sizes ended up looking pretty good in the end.

Unless you strictly buy clothes or books, gifts in different shapes can be tricky to wrap.  Every Christmas I try to save as many gift boxes from the trash pile as I can to potentially use the following year for wrapping my oddly packaged loot.  Storage shouldn’t be an issue since most boxes break down and fold flat.  And it’s worth it – gifts just look so much better when they are wrapped nice and tight!  I’m also a huge fan of the wrapping paper with dotted gridlines on the inside to use as a guide when cutting.  I got mine at Target this year – look for paper with a label that says “Easy Cut Gridlines on Back”.

And that’s a wrap for Christmas 2011!  I still have to add pretty bows and curling ribbon, but I will do that Christmas Eve so it doesn’t get smushed in the car on the way out to the ‘burbs.  I know, I’m nuts.


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