Here is a tip for keeping your inbox organized and free of unwanted e-clutter.  As you receive them, Flag/Star the emails from which you would like to be “unsubscribed” or move them to a special folder, and forget about them. Pick a day and time each week when you will have about 15 minutes to spare, and designate this as your Inbox Clean-Up time.  I use Friday morning.  Each week at this time, go to your Flagged/Starred emails or your unsubscribe folder, open each email and click on the “unsubscribe” link embedded within the email.  This will take you to a site with instructions for removing your email address from that particular retailer or marketer’s mailing list.  (If you don’t see such a link keep looking; it should be there as I believe it is a requirement for digital marketing).  Yes, it takes some effort each week, but it’s better than being annoyed every time you get another unwanted email from 1-800-Flowers.com just because you ordered balloons once for your friend’s 30th birthday, right?  And forgot to sign your name to the card leading her to believe she had a mysterious secret admirer…  But that’s a story for another time…  I’ll send it to your inbox.


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