Mi Casa Es Su Casa.

Casabella ‘Water Stop’ Gloves are the best rubber gloves in the world.  This is not an exaggeration.  They are very thick, so if you are like us with a city tap that only has 2 temps: freezing cold or scorchingly hot, you can do all your dishes at either extreme without your hands bearing the brunt of it.  They also have this fold at the bottom that’s supposed to catch water from dripping down your arm, which is helpful, but what I like best about this feature is that if you unfold the flap it makes the opening to the gloves extra wide – perfect for fitting them over the bulky sleeves of your sweatshirt.  And we all know we do our dishes in sweats, not LBD’s like the packaging indicates.  They also do not stink like other gloves out there, and the inside has a silky feel vs. the traditional sticky feel of a rubber glove.  And they are hot pink.  I’m not a big pink person, but it does add some whimsical flair to the monotony of doing dishes every night.  Plus it makes me laugh every time B has them on.

PS – Soap.com, sister site to the ever-fascinating Diapers.com, sells these.  Just rack up $39 across the family of sites (Diapers.com, YoYo.com, Wag.com) and they will arrive at your home by the next business day for free.  Literally they will be on your hands the next evening while you clean lasagna off your plates.


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